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Crowdsourced delivery using regular drivers as couriers


Picked up from location


Earn back travel costs


Flexible and convenient

Use movements that are already happening turns regular drivers—such as commuters—into ad hoc personal couriers. Regular routes are detected and from this future movements can be predicted. Predictions are matched against requested delivery routes.

Three reasons to ship with

Affordable same-day delivery by people near and around you
Pick-up and drop-off at your doorstep: your own personal courier
Reduce pollution and road congestion by re-using routes

Improve your community and rediscover your neighbors


spontaneous encounters


kilograms of CO2 saved deliveries decrease air pollution and roadway congestion while increasing social cohesion. Reusing existing movements between, in, and around cities, make more affordable than traditional courier services. Brought to you by people near and around you, who are paid fairly for the slight detour made on their existing route.